Affidavit of Invitation

Requirements for the AFFIDAVIT OF INVITATION

While it may be necessary for a Filipino visiting Malaysia who is not financially capable to have a duly notarized Affidavit of Invitation from a sponsor abroad, said Affidavit of Invitation does not guarantee that the Filipino will be cleared for departure by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. The Affidavit of Invitation and its supporting documents still have to be assessed by the Philippine Immigration Officer as the Embassy’s notarization of this Affidavit of Invitation only guarantees due execution by the Affiant and does not guarantee its contents and supporting documents. (For further information, please visit the website www.immigration.gov.ph.) Following are the requirements:

 1) Duly accomplished Affidavit of Invitation by the person inviting (click here to download)

PLEASE NOTE: For Malaysians and other foreign nationals who would like to invite Filipinos to come to Malaysia, a Filipino national who is a resident of Malaysia should accomplish and submit the same Affidavit of Invitation and the original and copy of the passport and valid Malaysian visa.

2) Original and copy of the passport and Malaysian visa or the Identification Card (I.C) of the person inviting;
Contact details of the person inviting;
4) Updated Employment Certificate or Company Letter (in English) or Business Registration and other Business documents of the person inviting (if in Bahasa, submit an official English translation of the business documents);
Bank Statement certified by the bank or original and copy of the Bank Book or Pay Slip of the person inviting; and
Copy of the Passport and the contact details of the person being invited.



FOR TRAVELLING MINORS OR THOSE BELOW (18) YEARS OF AGE TRAVELLING UNACCOMPANIED BY PARENTS, Parental Travel Permit and Clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development are required.

Processing Period   :   Three (3) working days
Processing Time     :   9 a.m. to 3 p.m. only
Processing Fee       :   RM 120.00

Consular Fees

Note: Clients are reminded to bring their complete sets of documents, including originals and photocopies, for their own convenience.