Passport Amendment

Personal appearance is required for all passport applications (first-time application, renewal of expired passport, replacement of lost or mutilated passport, amendment of passport, extension of passport) inasmuch as the biometrics of the individual, which includes his/her  photograph, fingerprints and signature, will be taken. 

For children age 7 years and below, their fingerprints and signature will not be taken; a  parent will sign on their behalf.


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Amendment of a women’s name due to marriage


For marriages performed in the Philippines, Certified True Copy and photocopy of Marriage Contract (MC) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or CTC and photocopy of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO and Department of Foreign Affairs Authentication Unit

For marriages performed in Malaysia, Certified True Copy, English Translation and photocopy of Marriage Contract (MC) issued by National Registration Department, and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putrajaya.

For marriages performed in other countries, original and Certified True Copy (photocopy) of Marriage Contract (MC) issued by the host government's registry of marriages and authenticated by that government's Embassy or High Commission based in Kuala Lumpur.

Amendment of a woman’s name due to death of spouse

i)   Original or Certified True Copy of Death Certificate of husband issued or authenticated by the National Statistics Office; or

ii)  Certified True Copy of Court Declaration of Presumptive Death (Civil or Shariah Court)

Annulment of marriage

i)   Original or Certified True Copy of the Court Order effecting the annulment; and

ii)  Annotated Marriage Contract reflecting such annulment

Divorce initiated by a foreign spouse

Original or Certified True Copy of the Divorce Decree duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consular post which has jurisdiction over the place where the divorce was obtained, or by the concerned foreign diplomatic or consular mission in the Philippines

Divorce by her Filipino Muslim husband

Original or Certified True Copy of the Divorce Decree or a certified true copy of the Certificate of Divorce from the Shariah Court or the Office of the Civil Registrar

* Change of surname of a child who is legitimized by virtue of a subsequent marriage of his parents.

Consular Fees

Guidelines for Processing of Passport Applications at the Embassy