Shipment of Human Remains

Requirements for the Issuance of No Objection Certificate for the Shipment of Human Remains or Cremated
Remains of Deceased Filipino Nationals


1.    Death Certificate issued by the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara;

2.    Mortuary Certificate (please follow attached format);

3.    Transit Permit/Export Permit;

4.    Letter of acceptance issued by the family member in the Philippines;

5.    Photocopy of proof of citizenship;

-       i.e.  Philippine passport

6.    Post Mortem (if available);

7.    Police Report (if available);

8.    Marriage Certificate (if applicable);

9.    Consular Fees: RM 240.00*


*  RM 120.00  -   No Objection Certificate

   RM 120.00  -   Report of Death


Mortuary Certificate (sample)

After submission of the requirements, the Embassy will issue a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE.

Note: Clients are reminded to bring their complete sets of documents, including originals and photocopies, for their own convenience. 

Processing Period: within the day 

Consular Fees