Filipino Talents Shine In Malaysian Puppet, Jazz Festivals

8 May 2015—Filipino talents again shone bright in the Malaysian stage as they participated in festivals around Kuala Lumpur during the past weeks.

Internationally-recognized Filipino puppeteer Juancho "Wanlu" Lunaria wowed audiences at his show the recently-held Malaysia International Puppetry Festival held last April 29 at the KL Performing Arts Centre.

Together with his puppet, Niccolo, Wanlu was able to impress the crowd with his talent in puppetry. He performed using a marionette, a couple of ventriloquist's dummies, and "human puppets" which brought laughter to the crowd.

Third Secretary and Vice Consul Alvin Malasig and his wife, Carol Ramoran-Malasig were part of the audience during that show.

Wanlu is an internationally-recognized puppeteer and is scheduled to perform once again at the World Puppet Carnival which will be held in September in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, jazz duo Nicole and Carlo David with RSDC band represented the Philippines during the World Youth Jazz Festival held at Jalan Mesui last May 1 to 3.

Winning the honor to represent the country at the Boy Katindig Jazz Festival, the group performed before jazz enthusiasts as the penultimate act in the International Stage on May 2. Third Secretary and Vice Consul Johann Veronica Andal caught their performance.

The group also paid a courtesy call at the Embassy and was received by Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Medardo Macaraig on May 3.

Mr. and Ms. David are children of popular Filipino jazz singer Mon David. Performing together for almost five years, they have enthralled their audience with unique renditions of popular tunes, classics and jazz standards. Currently enjoying the receptive and pleasant response they received for their newly-launched CD "Simula" (Beginning), the siblings continue to tell stories about their journey as siblings, artists and musicians through their original compositions – songs that evoke feelings of yearning, adventure, hope, joy and love.

Meanwhile, RSDC is an instrumental quartet comprising of Juni Sitaca, Migs Raneses, Gabe Cabonce and Given Bacani on keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, respectively. RSDC was formed with the intent of combining each member's passion for different styles of music. Their sound can be described as a fusion of jazz, rock, funk and pop. All members of RSDC are professionally involved in the Philippine music scene—Messrs. Sitaca and Rameses are teachers in local music schools while Messrs. Cabonce and Bacani are full-time session musicians. END