Phl Embassy Eliminates Queues with Introduction of Electronic System

22 June 2015 – The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said today that consular transactions at the Chancery are now smoother with the installation of a computerized queue management system (QMS) machine at its consular area.

"In line with our commitment to provide efficient service and comfort to our clients, we have installed an electronic queue system to ensure a smooth servicing of our consular applicants. Consular clients now are seated while waiting their turn to be served. With the new queue system, we have eliminated long lines at our consular section," Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said.

Upon their arrival, clients get a number from a ticket machine by pressing a button representing their desired service categories, namely passport application, visa application, notarial and legal documents; processing of overseas employment certificate (OEC) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration membership and other services.

A LED screen and sound notification system alerts clients when it is their turn to be served and directs them to the proper service window.

There are also ample seats and two television sets that ensure the comfort of clients.

The QMS is the second phase of this year's consular upgrade project, which is a joint initiative of the Embassy and the Filipino Businessmen and Professional Caucus (FBPC) which is chaired by Ms. Edna Encarnacion.

The first phase involved the replacement of the consular area's floor tiles which cover a floor area of 1,260 square feet.

In 2012, the Embassy's consular area was enclosed and airconditioned. Later, televisions and free wi-fi services were added for the comfort of consular clients. END