Phl Embassy, Union of Muslim Filipinos in Malaysia Host Iftar

30 June 2015—The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and the Union of Muslim Filipinos in Malaysia (UMFM) hosted an iftar (breaking of the fast) reception on June 25 at the Embassy’s Vista Community Hall.

Iftar is the meal shared between families and friends after the breaking of fast during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Present during the event were UMFM officers and members led by its President, Atty. Amilizan Mazlan, Muslim students and Embassy officers and staff. 

“This event is an opportunity for people of various faiths to come together and share in the iftar experience. I believe that we can extend compassion to others once we understand and accept our differences,” Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said in his remarks.

Ambassador Malaya noted that the gathering signifies our unity as Filipinos, belonging to one national community, irrespective of one’s faith, race, regional affliation and culture, and thanked the UMFM for their support. He also looked forward to more partnerships between the Embassy and the Muslim-Filipino community, particularly on Muslim and Mindanao-related initiatives.

For his part, Atty. Amilizan said that in addition fostering understanding and camaradie among the Muslim-Filipino community, the UMFM has been undertaking further organizational strengthening to include networking and outreach activities to other Muslim-Filipino professionals and with Malaysian organizations to address the communities concerns. 

“We have been setting up committees to take on different concerns, such as social, economic and religious concerns, and linking up with other Muslim Filipino professionals not just here in Peninsular Malaysia, but also beyond,” he said. END