Filipino-Malaysian Fusion Food a Hit at Importers’ Lunch in KL

04 October 2015—A delicious marriage of Filipino and Malaysian cooking traditions was much applauded during a special lunch for Malaysian food importers and restaurant owners hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and the Department of Agriculture (DA), in line with the latter's participation to the Food and Hotel Malaysia 2015 at the Seri Pacific Hotel on October 1.

Chef Steven Gnanapragasam of Seri Pacific prepared a menu of Malaysian and Filipino dishes using the mixes, sauces, marinades and syrups from Filipino food manufacturer Mama Sita.

The Malaysian guests enjoyed barbeque-marinated duck with highland greens, avocado and apple salsa and taro oyster sauce, cream of cherry tomato soup with basil pesto crouton, caldereta (braised beef stew) with herbed mashed potato and baby vegetables, and coconut panna cotta served with assorted tropical fruits and mango topped ice cream.

"Finally, Filipino food and ingredients are making its mark in the culinary world. In April this year, the prestigious Madrid Fusion came to Manila. In June, CNN conducted a Facebook poll which posed the question of which destination has the best food, and surprises of surprises, Philippine food came in second. Top food critics like Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bourdain have praised Filipino food, even saying that it is the next food thing," Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said in his remarks.

"We look forward to sharing and seeing Filipino food, sauces and ingredients in Malaysian markets, restaurants and homes," he added.

The event was arranged by Special Agriculture Representative Ana Abejuela.

The lunch also featured presentations from the DA's Agriculture Marketing Services, sugar producer Alter Trade and Mama Sita's, as well as networking between the Philippine delegation and the Malaysian importers.

Philippine participants at the FHM 2015 include Alter Trade Fair Organization, Natural Quantum Diversified Products Inc., ChocoVron Global Corporation, VFC Condiments, Germano's Chilli, Orich International Traders Inc., Lao Integrated Farms, Inc., Navarro Foods International Inc., and Mama Sita's (Marigold Manufacturing Corp). END