Phl Embassy in KL Urges Workers to take Advantage of the Rehiring Programme

23 March 2016—The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is urging Filipinos in Malaysia who are undocumented to take advantage of the ongoing Rehiring Programme being conducted by the Malaysian Government. 

“Qualified Filipino employees in Malaysia who have irregular status are highly encouraged to work with their employers to register them under the Malaysian Government’s Rehiring Programme, which is ongoing in Peninsular Malaysia from 15 February to 30 June 2016,” Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said. 

The Programme aims to provide undocumented foreign workers in Malaysia to be issued with valid work permits, and to meet the labor demands of industries to fill vacancies in permitted formal sectors, among others. 

For them to qualify, they must fulfill the following strict requirements:  must have entered Malaysia through a regular airport or port of entry, are currently working with the same employer six months before the start of the program (at least since September 2015) and have no criminal record. The sectors covered are construction, manufacturing, services, agriculture and plantation. Not included are household service workers.

There are an estimated 93,000 documented Filipinos workers and employees in Malaysia.  A few thousands more are with irregular status. 

Workers who can avail of the Rehiring Programme are (a) those who have overstayed with visit pass temporary employment (VPTE or employment visas) and are working with the same employer; (b) those who have overstayed with employment visas but with a different employer, or; (c) those who entered the country under social visit passes (SVP or tourist visas) and working with an employer for six months before the start of the program. 

The worker should have a valid passport, pass the medical examinations by the FOMEMA, and pay the levy based on their industry.  They will also have to pay administrative fees to the authorized consortium who will handle the program.  

Not qualified under the program are those who entered Malaysia through unauthorized points (backdoor), have absconded from their employers and with criminal records.   Also not qualified under the program are those who were issued other visas (i.e. student visas, refugees, Islamic visas, etc.) and those who were registered under the 6P programme. 

Registration is done online at www.rehiring.imi.gov.my.  Click “lain-lain warganegara” (other nationalities) and register for a username and password, which will lead to the website of Consortium PMF, the one in charge of handling applications from Filipinos.  

They can also call the Consortium at +60378018888 or email at rehiring@myeg.com.my. 

“Please note that there is no need to engage and pay the services of any individual or agencies, as all these are done online and the only entity authorized by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs to process applications of Filipino workers is Consortium PMF,” Ambassdor Malaya said.  END