Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Conducts Image Development and Protocol Seminar

1 April 2016 - In line with the Department of Foreign Affairs' (DFA) Gender and Development (GAD) Program, the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur conducted a seminar on image development for all the officers and staff members of the embassy as well as their dependents, and members of the Filipino Community on March 30.

The seminar was delivered by Global Image Management Director Karen Agustin-Ostrea who was also the Philippine representative to the 2002 Miss Universe pageant.

Usually, GAD projects are geared towards women but Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia J Eduardo Malaya opted to open

the seminar to everyone to foster gender harmony and understanding in the workplace.

Ms Ostrea's seminar focused on grooming techniques and proper attire in a professional setting. She also discussed proper deportment as representatives of the Philippines in different events as well as in everyday life.

"We are representatives of the Philippines wherever we go," Ostrea said. "It is important that we represent our country well by being the best version of ourselves and learning how to behave and act properly in any situation."

Part of Ms Ostrea's workshop also included international protocol which contained useful tidbits for everyone who worked at the Embassy. Her audience was a lively, participative group that enjoyed the short class.

Ambassador Malaya presented Ms Ostrea with a commendation and a token of appreciation after the event for her informative yet very entertaining workshop.

"We are giving emphasis to proper workplace decorum because we believe that it helps create a working environment that fosters a good professional relationship among individuals, regardless of gender. More
importantly, as representatives of the Philippines in Malaysia, it is important for us to always carry ourselves with dignity and be the embodiment of everything that is good about our country," the Ambassador said.

Ms. Ostrea heads Global Image Management, a company in the Philippines with expertise in image development, etiquette, and protocol. She was trained by the International Image Institute in Toronto, Canada, and the Protocol School of Washington. She was also tapped as Image Consultant Training Head for the 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meetings in the Philippines. END