PHL Embassy Conducts Training for FFAM Marshalls

10 April 2018—In line with its celebration of Women's Month and empowering the members of the Federation of Filipino Associations in Malaysia (FFAM) through capacity building activities, the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur conducted a training for the FFAM's marshalls corps on March 25 at the Embassy.

The Embassy's Defense Attache Col. Ralph Mamauag and Police Attache Col. Dario Gunabe facilitated the training, which covered security basics, security awareness, threat awareness, crowd control and VIP management.

There was also a demonstration and workshop on martial arts and protective movements by Mr. Yacop Samson and his team.

The marshalls' training aims to provide FFAM member-organizations the needed skills and knowledge to do their work, especially during events with the Filipino community.

The group provides assistance to the Embassy and the FFAM during events, most notably in the various Filipino community events during Independence Day and Christmas, and the meet and greet event with President Rodrigo Duterte during his visit to Kuala Lumpur in November 2016. Each marshall was selected by their FFAM member-organization for the purpose. END